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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Call it ASPCA, call it humane society. I call it "animal rescue". Throughout my time living in New York; my hometown, I have had many stories to tell, 4-legged friends and the like. As I said to narrow it down a bit, I have decided on sticking with just dogs.

Everyone knew us around the neighborhood. They prefer to call us "the crazy dog people". Ok we were eccentric, but that's how we lived. If we were not out with one of our "children", no one notices us. So to us being dog rescuers was our identity. Well it wasn't just "one" of our children really. We tend to form a group, a pack so to speak. The less dogs we had at one time was 4, the most was 7. You are probably wondering now how the fuck did we handle 7 dogs? Or the latter, "Your place must have been a mess". No, and no, I answer, just the opposite. We train and housebreak the dogs we foster and adopt, and place them in homes. We did own many of our own as well, most were sons and daughters of retired or active dog show dogs that you would see on the floor of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, need I explain?

As you know the Westminster takes place in Madison Square garden in Feb. I always look forward to it. The only thing that takes me back is the judging on the dogs. But as I stated we do not "show", we tend not to, we enjoy what we do in our entirety. The reasons why we started this be explained shortly...


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

This blog goes out to the dogs...(and I don't mean people "dogs"), you know...dogs dogs. Don't mind me going off a tangent here. Since I couldn't find a decent layout with puppies, I will be sticking my guns on this one. I wish to make a book on the many escapades I went through as an animal rescuer in my family.

For now, this is my story...


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